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The world's largest 3D model marketplace

CGTrader can monetize your 3D assets by connecting you to an ever-growing base of buyers from around the world.

Earn up to 80% of royalties

You will earn 70% to 80% royalties for each model you sell – the highest royalty rate on the market.

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CGTrader is the only 3D marketplace that allows you to communicate directly with customers, get real market demand and feedback from industry professionals.

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Once you register, you gain access to exclusive 3D market demand data provided on demand, see what sells best and get tips for your next products.

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Join over a million 3D designers and discover useful tips, exchange knowledge and get feedback from the best in the business.

Take on independent 3D projects

Access unique 3D project offerings to build your portfolio and earn extra money.

How does it work?

1. Download 3D models

Publish templates and attract customers in the most effective way possible.

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2. Sell them

There are many ways to increase your sales – and you can do them all.

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3. Get paid

Publish templates and attract customers in the most effective way possible.

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I started selling on Metaworldseller because it's a fast-growing market with a royalty rate of up to 80%. In my opinion, that's huge and not many platforms can guarantee that. I like to use all my options to get the most out of any platform.

Without a doubt, Metaworldseller has always been the marketplace that has adopted the policies and business model that we consider most ideal for all parties involved: the content creator, the distributor and the customer.

After being approached by many other websites to publish on their platforms, we decided to go with Metaworldseller after finding it on Google, as the experience with this platform stood out from the rest. The website looked neat, the whole uploading and publishing process was quick and easy. We also love the way the content is presented on Metaworldseller, the whole user experience is so inviting.

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